Family Dental Care for Children and Adults in Ontario

At Billings Bridge Dental Centre, we have a talented team of family dentists to serve both children and adults in Ottawa, ON. Our family dentists are governed by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and are members of the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), the Ontario Dental Association (ODA), and the Ottawa Dental Society (ODS). Our dentists work in conjunction with our dental specialists and hygienists to provide you and your family with comprehensive dental treatment with the latest technology and well trained, caring, experienced staff.


Dr. Emile Rodrigues
Dr. Abdul Jamshaid
Dr. C. Alin Ivanita
Dr. Richard Azzi
Dr. Shaan Jamshaid
Romeo Antoun
Dr. Alyssa Karam 


Dr. Charles Alleyn 

Dental Hygienists

Genevieve Proulx, RDH
Jennifer Scammell, RDH
Whitney Bouck, RDH
Alison Macnaughtan, RDH
Liz Caldwell, RDH
Tammy O' Connell - Restivo, RDH
Louise Santos, RDH
Shaannon O'Brien, RDH
Victoria Levesque, RDH
Kayla Hrkach, RDH
Janine Ryan, RDH
Shanon Ivanita, RDH
Jag Behl, RDH
Rachelle Azzi, RDH
Syliva Manjivar, RDH
Andrea Allen-Cortes, RDH
Helene Huynh, RDH

Our Teams

Dental Assistants
Infection Control Specialists

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