Plan your Smile Makeover with our Ottawa Dental Professionals: Which Treatments are Best?

billings bridge dental centre of ottawa, is your centre for smile makeovers. schedule your appointment with our ottawa dentist today.Making the decision to seek out a smile makeover is important and requires careful consideration and discussion with your dentist. Smile makeovers should help to preserve any natural teeth, allow you to enjoy better health, and promote increased confidence with renewed aesthetics. With this in mind, ask yourself the following questions when doing cosmetic dental makeover research or bring them in to your dental consultation. Knowing the basics about common aesthetic and reconstructive services can help you make the best choices for your needs.

Crowns or Veneers? Billings Bridge Dental Centre Has You Covered

Dental crowns work best on teeth that have been severely damaged or are decayed and therefore require more reinforcement and restoration. As placing a crown involves shaving down a fair amount of tooth enamel above the gum line, it’s best to make sure that enamel is damaged beyond repair and should be removed in the first place.
In cases where less tooth structure is damaged, and concerns are mostly cosmetic, veneers can be applied. Adding a veneer to a tooth helps to preserve more of your natural tooth enamel and re-shapes teeth so they appear more complimentary to the rest of your smile.

Treat Infected Teeth? Or Extract Them? Our Ottawa Providers Will Consult You

In a conservative dental philosophy, it’s the best course of action to keep your own teeth in place for as long as possible. Replacing extracted teeth is more feasible with modern dental solutions but requires additional care and treatment over the course of your lifetime. If an infected tooth can be successfully treated with a root canal and preserved with a crown, this is typically the best course of action. Only teeth that are beyond repair should be removed entirely.

Analyzing Cost for your Smile Makeover is Simple at Billings Bridge Dental Centre

Smile makeovers are investments in your health and wellness over the course of your lifetime. Your teeth will and should be with you for as long as you live, which is why taking care to find the appropriate dental professional and most efficient procedures for your needs is important. The training and experience of your dentist factor into final cost for your smile makeover. Our dentists are well-versed in cosmetic procedures and are prepared to help patients find best solutions for their smile makeover needs. When restoring your entire smile, you wouldn’t go to a dentist fresh out of school – you are paying for the wisdom and expertise of a dentist with years of training and continuing education to their credit.

Additional factors to consider for the cost of your treatment plan are materials and the experience level of prosthetics and lab technicians, respectively. Prosthetics that are made to closely match real teeth and stand the test of time will be most expensive but are far more beneficial in the long run. The ceramist creating your restorations should also be well educated in their field to provide lasting results. 

Ask our Ottawa Dentist about Smile Makeovers

If you have questions about what you can expect for you smile makeover, contact Billings Bridge Dental Centre in Ottawa for your consultation and to go over your options.